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I am highly interested in conducting business with you again.

Seth Fuselier
Crux Laboratory Supplies
I have and will continue to recommend EquipNet services.

Robert Gormly
So far my experience with EquipNet has been positive and the Logistics staff is extremely helpful. Thanks for providing a worthwhile service.

Terry Phelan
Nutritional Laboratories
Blog Posts
December, 2017
The year is coming to a close, but EquipNet still has tons of great deals on pre-owned equipment. We work with a number of leading global corporations around the world to help manage, sell, and even purchase equipment. Check out some of the great deals we have for the remainder of this year, featuring some unused assets from a number of well known manufacturers.
November, 2017
The manufacturing process is evolving right before our very eyes. With every day that passes, manufacturing becomes more efficient and more dependent on artificial intelligence and advanced technology. Gone are the days where human labor is an essential part of the assembly line. But what are the trends that are shaping the future of manufacturing?
November, 2017
As any diet-conscious food-lover will attest, striking a balance between good nutrition and great taste can be harder than keeping a good hollandaise sauce from separating. For many chefs, if they could only select two seasonings to use for the rest of their lives, they would invariably be salt and pepper. For those that want or need to avoid sodium, half of that iconic duo poses a big problem: too much salt raises blood pressure, can contribute to kidney disease, and even lead to a stroke. That can be a bitter culinary pill to swallow, but when salt adds so much flavor to dishes, can delicious dishes really go without it?
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November, 2017
Released in January, EquipNet’s newest purchasing channel, OWN IT NOW, has been featuring numerous listings from a number of locations across the US and some in Europe, including Lab and Analytical Instrumentation, Processing and Packaging Equipment, MRO items and much more.
September, 2017
On September 18, 2017, EquipNet Inc.’s subsidiary, EquipNet India Pvt. Ltd., celebrated its 10th anniversary within the surplus asset management market. EquipNet is widely recognized as the global leader in helping leading manufacturers track, manage, sell, and purchase surplus laboratory instrumentation and manufacturing equipment. The Indian subsidiary has been operating from its Mumbai headquarters since 2007.
November, 2016
As featured on Packaging Europe – Ben Potenza, VP marketing at EquipNet Inc., the company operating the world's leading specialist marketplace for used manufacturing and production equipment, takes a look at how manufacturers are reaping the benefits of buying and selling surplus and idle equipment.
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December 15, 2017
Happy #InternationalTeaDay! We carry all of your #beverage equipment needs and more: https://t.co/JXjH0PKi3z https://t.co/9szSPMxUWq
December 14, 2017
Check out the biggest #food stories of 2017: https://t.co/qXuUHXErKg
December 13, 2017
The future of #biopharma manufacturing has never looked so bright-Check out the reasons here: https://t.co/P3x8iAoIlo