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Inventory Valuations

An inventory valuation determines the cost assigned to raw materials, works-in-process, finished goods, and any other inventory items. Asset verification services help substantiate a business’s assets on a one-time or ongoing basis. Businesses often need inventory appraisal and asset verification services to meet federal government requirements and the ever-changing regulations in their industries; to secure financing or investments, which would require the verification of their existing collateral; or to meet inventory funding requirements of current lenders and investors.

Types of Inventory Appraisals

EquipNet’s inventory appraisal and asset verification services include bar-coding, software implementation, complex spreadsheet reports and valuation with detailed information for an easy-to-use and adjustable platform. The services can range from a one-time data collection service to an ongoing yearly service contract. Types of inventory appraisals include:

  • Furniture fixtures and equipment (FF&E) appraisals and verification
  • Bar-coding and tagging of assets with or without valuation
  • Implementation of inventory management system
  • Asset verification with or without valuation
  • Inventory appraisals of stock, products, and goods

Many businesses seeking financing are unaware of the importance of inventory and financial control audits necessary for a bank trying to determine credit quality. This makes it difficult for a lender to evaluate financial risk factors.

EquipNet’s inventory appraisal and asset verification specialists specialize in field audits and financial controls assessments. EquipNet’s services provide:

  • Extensive reporting and financial spreads
  • In-field interviews and system control assessments
  • Dock-to-stock to desktop audits and statistical analysis
  • Ongoing monitoring for volatile inventory usage and valuations
  • Methods and procedures assessments used in inventory calculations
  • Compliance and variance reporting of valuations with impact to collateral

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